Lindsey Alridge

Coaches at Mayanah are the best ! They helped me to be debt-free faster than I think I could. Thank you for all you did for me

Kim Smith

My life is better with Mathew in it! As a single person, I was making no headway in the FPU and debt snowball. I needed accountability. I found Mathew from the Dave Ramsey website. Mathew is worth every dime.

Dhanya Jacob

I had no clue about investments and that was when i asked Mathew to explain a bit to me. He was so good that he literally took a class on different investment types, when to invest and what to consider when you invest. It was a very helpful session and he was so kind to explain all my doubts. His knowledge in the subject was very evident throughout. Thank you so much Mathew!! It was so helpful...you are an excellent teacher�

Mang Tiak

I am very impressed and blessed. Surely, I will recommend any of my friend who needs financial advice or coach. He answered my question just in one phone call. He is very professional. Mathew is a great financial coach.

Anita Flores

Matthew, Was very supportive and encouraging and helped me stay focused and hopeful during my financial crisis. Thank you your words of wisdom

Ian Swarr

Submitted a question to Dave Ramsey's financial coaching page and within minutes I was speaking with Mathew from Mayanah. After just a few minutes on the phone, I had an answer that made sense and avoided incurring further debt. Should I require further counseling, Mathew will be my first call/stop.

Justin Davis

Mathew with Mayanah Financial is a great financial advisor. Not only is he is a genuinely kind person, but a highly competent financial professional. Before I ever spent a dollar with him, he invested quite a bit of time with me and helped me solve a very complex financial matter. I really appreciate his influence and guidance.

Tammy Matthews

From the moment we met Mathew, he treated us with respect and compassion. He has an abundance of knowledge on becoming debt free and will openly share his personal experiences with you. I feel that his determination and genuine concern has helped us through tough decisions.

Kendrick Dixon

Mathew is a very informative/smart/financial coach, highly recommended to others

Kim McLeod

We got a phone call shortly after putting in a request for help. Not only did Mathew help us with our questions, but he did it on a Sunday afternoon. Would happily recommend Mayanah Financial Coaching along with Dave Ramsey's program.

Mike Barnes

When I spoke with Mathew I felt very confident in his knowledge. He listened to my situation and offered excellent insight and supported his views with sound reasoning.

Angela Wilson

Mathew was great! He had a lot of good and practical information; was very encouraging; and helped me narrow my focus on the most important areas.

Lisa K Adams

Thank you so much Mathew Paul for the quick response and simple answer to my question. I really appreciate your time. This is such a great program and really works.

Al Letting

A short phone call with Mathew helped me to go to the next level and make the right decision to get rid of my final debt (except for my mortgage). I appreciate his wisdom and honesty as he gently got me back on the "Ramsey Path" to Financial Freedom. Thanks, Mathew - may God richly bless you as you minister to others!