12 Steps in Buying Auto Insurance


The purpose of buying insurance is to transfer the risk from us (the consumer) to the insuring agency. In case of auto insurance, it is quite tricky, as it’s a balance between being adequately covered vs. paying a high premium. Here are 12 steps to follow to buy auto insurance: 1) Learn the terms associated with […]

Basics of Buying Auto Insurance

car insurance

Recently we were with a client who was unhappy about the prohibitive cost of auto insurance. 87.4% of US drivers have auto insurance,and most of them share the same sentiments.

Student Loan Debt, Pay off vs Seek Loan Forgiveness

student loan

One late evening, we received a call from Mr. Booker who owes more than $200k in student loans for a degree that has a beginning pay of $55k. He recently got married and has a child who is 6 months old. He is struggling to keep up with all the payments, and listened to an […]