As a small business owner, are you struggling with

high employee turnover? low employee productivity? budget forecasting?

If so, you need Houston's trusted Small Business Financial Educators and Coaches

Current Stats:

  • 52% of employees are stressed about their finances.
  • 46% of employees spend 3 or more hours during workweek dealing with financial issues.
  • 24% of businesses offered employee financial advice.
  • 22% of businesses offered classroom financial advice.

We educate you and your employees to LIVE in the BLACK.

Our Services:

  • Two-hour workshops for employees. Covered topics include:
    • Types and Dangers of Debt
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Budgeting Apps and Demonstration
    • Student Loans – Pay off Strategy
    • Credit Scores and Myths and much more!
  • One-on-one employee coaching
  • Business Financial Analysis and Optimization.
  • Budget forecasting for your business.
  • Business cost reduction initiatives

Key Features

  • Trained by Dave Ramsey’s Ramsey Solutions.
  • Experienced at organizations such as GE, Baker Hughes and Cummins.
  • Conducted 50+ workshops for organizations and churches.
  • Concluded 1000+ one on one coaching sessions.