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Cash Flow Management

The adage goes “Cash is king and cash flow is the heart of the kingdom”. Managing cash flow is the most important factor in being debt-free. We train our clients to manage their cash flow using state of the art web applications.

We will develop a monthly plan to maintain your cash flow. We provide guidance in accelerating positive cash flow and delaying negative cash flow, without adding penalties and fees. We analyze and provide coaching on all 5 components of cash flow management.

Debt Eliminaton

Debt is a way of life for Americans and it is unfortunate. The national debt is over 30 trillion dollars and average debt per citizen is over $91k. We will help you become a success story, not a statistic.

We do not believe in Debt Settlement nor Debt Consolidation. We believe in empowering and educating YOU to attack the debt problem so that you can send your children to college, and spend your retirement in dignity. We will customize a plan to eliminate your debt using Dave Ramsey’s principles. We focus on your “WHY” factor and develop a payment plan with a target date to be debt-free. We monitor the progress monthly and change the plans, if required.

At times, if required, we will provide a step by step guide to deal with creditors.

Remember, we work for you and are on your side to attain your financial dreams.

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Home Buying and Mortgage Reviews

Home ownership is usually the biggest dream and the highest financial transaction people make in their life time. We assess our clients with respect to their readiness to own a home and what they can afford. We also educate our clients on all the costs of home ownership so that they can make an educated decision. Once a client decides to buy a home, we provide them with mortgage options and an independent review. We do not have any affiliation with nor receive commission from any real estate, loan officers or title companies