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College Funding Guidance

It’s any parent’s dream to see their children graduate from college. With tuition costs and living expenses increasing astronomically, parents need to plan well ahead of time to invest in their children’s future. We provide guidance on various aspects of college funding - 529 plans, FAFSA preparations/disclosures, scholarship availability, student loans and their refinance options, state prepaid tuition plans etc., to name a few.

Insurance Coverage Efficiency Analysis

Let’s be honest - Nobody likes to pay insurance premiums. But, it’s those premiums that help us transfer risk to insurance companies. It’s no surprise that most people overpay premiums by taking coverage they do not need or were not aware of. We analyse all types of insurances like auto, home, life, long term care, health, rental etc and provide unbiased recommendations.
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Retirement Planning

Retirement is not an age, but a number. It’s the amount that you need to have at retirement so that you can spend your golden years in dignity.

We guide each client to identify their number since it’s different for everybody. Once the number is identified, we provide recommendations on monthly contributions, rate of returns and accountability to help you reach that number. We also help our clients choose investment options to meet their retirement number.

Investment Review and Guidance

Investments usually make or break your retirement dreams. Some mistakes are so costly that it is impossible to recoup those during your golden years.

We provide an accurate and independent review of your portfolio to assess whether they meet your financial dreams. We also provide investment training for you to become knowledgeable and ask the right questions to your asset manager. We also review all types of IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), 457 and similar investment vehicles. We also provide guidance on balancing your portfolio to maximize returns with minimized risk.

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Home Buying and Mortgage Reviews

Home ownership is usually the biggest dream and the highest financial transaction people make in their life time. We assess our clients with respect to their readiness to own a home and what they can afford. We also educate our clients on all the costs of home ownership so that they can make an educated decision. Once a client decides to buy a home, we provide them with mortgage options and an independent review. We do not have any affiliation with nor receive commission from any real estate, loan officers or title companies