Our Vision

To be the most trusted source for financial coaching - helping one individual, one family, one organization / small business at a time, to eliminate the bondage of debt, and create a new path to financial freedom.

Our Mission

To educate, empower , enable and encourage our clients to live like no one else, so one day they can live and give like no one else.

Our Promise

We promise our clients that we will:

  • Serve the best we can, where we can, how we can and how often we can

  • Constantly remind that the PAST is unchangeable, the FUTURE is bright, but action needs to be taken TODAY

  • NOT judge your past, but focus completely on guiding / coaching you towards financial freedom

Our Expectations

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them" - Timothy Gallwey

From our years of experience, we can conclude that for any coaching experience to be successful, the coachee needs to have the following traits.

Coachable / Teachable
We expect the client to have a teachable spirit. A teachable person is non-defensive. When wrong, the person quickly admits his/her mistakes and resolves to do it better next time. A teachable person allows others to speak truth into his/her life.
We expect our clients to be open-minded. Coaching is all about providing solutions to existing problems. If a person is not open-minded, the chances of accepting new and innovative ideas are unlikely.
We expect our clients to have a laser-focused on their goals. We provide action items after every coaching session and we expect our clients to complete them on-time
Hard Working
We expect our clients to work hard on their daily tasks to attain long term goals. Financial freedom is not for the lazy and careless. "There is no substitute for hard-work" - Thomas Edison.
We expect our clients to be goal-oriented. "Dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment" - Denzel Washington.

Meaning of Mayanah

Mayanah means 'well or fountain' in Hebrew. In the bible, Mayanah refers to Jacob's well (John 4). The encounter between the Samaritan woman and Jesus was life-changing for her. Coming to the well, she had been broken, devoted but ignorant, sad and looking for answers. She left the encounter as a changed person. During the encounter, Jesus never judged her past, but provided living water for her to lead a transformed life.

We believe that Mayanah Financial Coaching can impact all our clients likewise. We promise not to judge you for your past mistakes, but provide you with live coaching, so that you can be changed and be a witness to your families, churches,work places and your society at large.

Our Story

As an immigrant family, we started our life with $20. As our income increased, our standard of living went up, and we were soon living paycheck to paycheck. 2006-2008 was a trying period in our life with regard to family circumstances, finances as well as the Great Recession. In 2009, we attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and decided to take control of our finances. During our debt-free journey we encountered numerous families struggling with huge debt and witnessed their marriages crumbling in front of us.

As we moved from one baby step to another, we received a calling to help people around us with financial knowledge, so that they are enabled and equipped to attack their debt. We pursued Master Financial Coaching training with Dave Ramsey's organization and ever since we have had the honor and privilege of seeing hundreds of families change their family tree and enjoy financial peace. We are confident we can help you. Will you answer the call?

Our Team

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