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5 Websites that Save YOU Money

Everybody loves a bargain. Don’t you?  Especially during holiday season. It can be gotten in several ways. Cutting coupons is one way. Waiting for an item to go on sale is another. However, what if there is an opportunity to identify the lowest available price for a product, or if a coupon is available at your finger tips. Add to it the fact that most retailers match the lowest price. So the key then, is to find the lowest price for the product you want, in your local area. Here are 5 websites/apps to help you during this holiday season.
1) Retail Me Not:
It is a website that aggregates coupon offers and makes them available to consumers. It has almost five hundred thousand coupons of over 50,000 stores in various retail categories like apparel, accessories, automotive, baby and beauty products, furniture, home, garden, pets, toys etc. Their app can be downloaded from the App store and comes in handy in the middle of shopping.
Their website can be accessed HERE
2) Shop Savvy:
It is a mobile application that allows shoppers to scan the bar-code. Once the bar-code is accepted, the app finds local and online prices for the exact product. This allows shoppers to either get a price match at the store, or buy it from the lowest price store. The app is currently available for Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows phones. Their free app can be downloaded HERE
3) Price Grabber:
 This is another website that compares different websites that offers weekly deals and coupons. One advantage of this site is that they have buying guidelines that helps the shopper get the right product and the best value for the price. They have helpful search tools as well as vendor reviews. A con seems to be customer service issues during busy shopping seasons. Their website can be accessed HERE
4) SnipSnap:
 It is a mobile coupon application that allows users to take a photograph of a printed coupon in order to find or create a mobile coupon which can be redeemed at the register. Huge advantage of SnipSnap is that the users can share the coupons among themselves. Retailers are forced to honor these coupons because SnipSnap users can rate the store, thereby affecting the success score rating of the retailer. Since all stores are trying to get a high score, they will accept most of the SnipSnap user coupons. Their app can be downloaded HERE
5) Google Shopping:
 How can we avoid Google these days? Google Shopping is probably the largest and best known comparison shopping engine. It was previously known as Froogle, if you remember the term. It allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors. How can you get there? Just Google it… That’s right! Just google ‘Google Shopping’ and you can get to their website.
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