Coaching Agreement


Complimentary Consultation

We like to talk with prospective clients before booking the first session. Consultations last about 15-20 minutes and provide an opportunity for us to get to know a little about each other, discuss your situation, and determine how we can best serve you. This is usually done over the phone.

Schedule an Appointment

The next step is to schedule an appointment. To do so, please call (281)435-1888 or send us an email at We understand that your time and resources are extremely valuable, so we ask that you honor your scheduled appointment time. The Company does not sell any products nor receive commission from any vendors. Our appointments are time based and so any cancellation/rescheduling outside a 24-hour window will cost you $100.


The Company assumes the responsibility of understanding and evaluating your current needs, goals, and resources in order to develop a strategy to meet your objectives. However, to make this plan work, we expect that you will come prepared to take the steps necessary to succeed, take full responsibility for your plan, and its implementation, and contact us when you need additional advice and direction.


The Client will be asked to complete preliminary paperwork to help us prepare for coaching sessions. We ask that these forms be filled out to the very best of your knowledge and ability, and sent to us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You assume all responsibility for providing accurate and complete materials, documentation, and facts upon which our coaching may be based.


We accept debit/credit card, check or cash, and payment is due prior to each session. If your check is returned, you will be charged a $25 processing fee and the outstanding balance will be due prior to receiving additional services. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please provide at least a 24-hour notice. Your appointment can be rescheduled. All session fees are non-refundable as we are a fee-for-time service. We promise that you will get out of the sessions what you put into them. We do collect payment information prior to the first coaching session. If you decide to pay upfront for several months, please note that it is your responsibility to schedule sessions as required. Refund will not be provided upon failure to schedule appointments or for not responding to our request for appointments. If at any instance, payments are not made on a timely manner, we reserve the right to proceed legally, if required. If it happens, the Client bears the responsibility of all incurred costs, including but not limited to Court fees, Attorney’s fees and any other associated charges for the completion/resolution of the matter.

Coaching Venue

We offer financial coaching at our office, online or mutually agreed-upon locations. We do not conduct coaching at client’s residence or offices.

Termination of the Contract

We do allow termination of the contract. However, your termination letter must be delivered to our office or by email at least 2 business days prior to the date of termination. We reserve the right to calculate the balance amount based on the number of remaining sessions, and the package that you have accepted.


We will keep completely confidential all matters discussed, facts revealed, and the nature and content of all documents you provide to us or that we generate. We will reveal such matters only upon receipt of a written authorization and clear, verifiable instructions from you telling us exactly what we may reveal. Exceptions to the Confidentiality Policy include: • Child Abuse and/or Neglect (RCW 26.44.030) • Elder Abuse and/or Neglect (RCW 74.34.035) • Threats to harm self (RCW 74.34.020) • Threats to harm another person (RCW 74.34.020) • A court subpoena

Default of Agreement

This document serves as the single agreement between you and the Company. If any terms of the agreement is defaulted, we will make every attempt to resolve it amicably. However, we reserve the right to proceed legally, if required. Any expenses incurred in the legal process will be the Client’s responsibility.


Coaching is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. We are not authorized to render legal, accounting, insurance, estate, tax or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you must additionally seek the services of an appropriate licensed legal, accounting, insurance, tax or investment service.